Men Need a Mission

Aaron Renn, in his The Masculinist #33 newsletter, had mentioned that every man needs a mission, (or as the author John Eldredge mentioned in Wild At Heart; a battle to fight).

I was pegged by the email, specifically the mention of white knighting. This was something that was never taught to me and it applies to all men.

(The mention in the newsletter of having a mission other than a woman rings true).

I was troubled the other day when I heard a blowhard chickensh*t family member run their mouth about how I was supposed to be impressed by my 19 year old nephew’s video gaming prowess. I called him a “p*ssy” and I don’t owe him an apology.

I think that men need a challenge or a set of goals. They need to create. They need to strive. They should do manly things for their own future.

My nephew needs to focus on skills. He needs to exercise instead of looking like the bean pole slack jaw he is.



Gain competency/skills

Get some sun, focus on health

Grow A Pair

Focus on Your Future


(get out of the basement and focus your energy. Use your piss and vinegar for good purposes).


Prove me wrong. Jack me in the jaw if you are offended but I doubt you will put down the controller long enough.


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1 Response to Men Need a Mission

  1. Ame says:

    having a mission other than a woman rings true).

    yes. absolutely, yes.

    it’s … well … it becomes kinda gross and slobbery when a man makes a woman his only mission … and she will quickly detest such.


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