Roll With The Punches

Trying to type this with one hand and a thumb. There is a good lesson: Do what you can and “roll with the punches”.

I’m not hitting the weights. I’m not cleared to run. I can’t do pushups lest I want to end up with symmetrical back issues.

But I can do leg exercises. I can walk. I can also study and read.

I have no reason to gripe and drive others nuts. I can heal up and get back to where I was.

No BS.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Anesthesiology:

It felt like a partial brain shutdown but it prevents horrific memories from forming. It also allows for the expert meat handlers, (surgeons) to work on me without interruption.

(2) GG Allin:

The music kept me entertained on a bad day when everything was slow. I had a friend tell me about him years ago. Humorous. We are coming up on the anniversary of his death.

(3) Ability to keep my mind free:

I believe that the news companies want to program you to think one way or another. I choose to exam things differently. (Consider the events regarding Bunkerville, Marvin Heemeyer, and Ruby Ridge). There is a push for you to think one way but you have a right to process/think the way you want to.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.



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