Men Don’t Let Friends Screw Swift

My title of this post isn’t meant to be clickbait. It serves a purpose.

Men Don’t Let Friends Screw Taylor Swift

I tell people this all of the time. She is toxic. And she can only be a giant waste of time.

Her track record sucks. She destroys her own relationships and I have every reason to believe she has had a hand in destroying her friends relationships destruction.

I feel somewhat vindicated that someone I don’t particularly agree with (Suzanne Venker) mentioned Taylor Swift showed evidence that feminism has hurt millennials.

For me, it isn’t smashing millennials. It is about a mouth writing checks that her a** can’t cash. It is someone that has traded human relationships and biology for liberal headline whistles and money. She is toxic and she will only see a bitter ending like Madonna has.

It isn’t your responsibility to take care of a screaming biological clock or socially needy woman. You won’t make Taylor happy. You shouldn’t even try. (Narcissism is a hell of a drug).

I would encourage all men to avoid someone like this. It doesn’t matter if she is 30 or 40. It is your time and relationship to guard. Just say no.

Find someone to spend your life with when the ball game is closer to the first few innings. Pick someone with a buy-in when your stock is growing.



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