“Say It to My Face”: Rule for Society

I had been listening to a morning show that was streamed live today on YouTube. The original purpose of today’s show was lost but I did find a jewel of wisdom.

“An armed society is a polite society. An anonymous society is an asshole society”.

I wanted to share with you the reasons why I have learned to temper what I say and even eliminate things that shouldn’t be said.

If it isn’t worth saying to someone’s face, it isn’t worth mentioning.

I ended up in troll like activities for quite a time. It didn’t matter if it was on Facebook, Twitter, or any other medium. But one of the strangest things happened to me… I ended up eating my words. I found out that I was wasting my time. I didn’t impact someone else’s life and I didn’t add to mine own.

I also found out that I wouldn’t have said it to this person’s face. It would have been a waste of time in person. I needed to stop throwing turds at these people. It wasn’t productive or a positive outreach. I didn’t need or want this person as an ally or partner. I was at fault.

I learned to shut up. Silence speaks loudly at times. I choose to not change others and  help myself first. Change myself first. I will let my actions impact those that were worth being impacted.

As a man and a libertarian; I don’t think that we need speech laws like the ones infecting parts of Europe. Our social conventions do the trick. Talk sh*t and get hit. Armed society is a polite society. You wouldn’t say that to (x)’s face. Etc.

We already have unwritten laws/rules and results from following/disobeying them. It is time for you to observe them.


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