Schisms: Good and Bad???

My handy American Heritage dictionary defined schism as “a separation or division into factions”. It was more than a song by Anthrax or Tool. I remember it as one church splitting off from another. But the most memorable in a societal reference is one I have seen in the “manosphere”.

Although at an inconvenient time; a notable split between the “Rolo camp” and the “ADJ” camp. I have read a few heated comments from many parties involved and many interlopers too. (I am hoping that things cool down). But I hope that a change in alignments are for the right reasons.

Schisms can bring encouragement for the new parties to work diligently to gain position and solidify their beliefs.

Schisms allow for a stalwart party to focus on the people that they have. They no longer have to worry about the people that left.

For all sides of a schism; they can work hard on finding the future of their positions. They can identify future teammates and newer “blood” to team up with.

I have faith that the split I have mention doesn’t split the over all message that men still have an important part to play in our society.


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