GG Allin: The Real Day the Music Died

On this day in 1993; The music world lost a man named GG Allin. You may not know him and it wouldn’t have hurt his feelings if you didn’t.

(With many apologies; I don’t recognize Feb 3 1959. I do recognize the musician’s music that was lost that day).

GG Allin was a wild man but he lived the way that he wanted to. Very few people could keep up with him. He made wild music and he lived his own way.

He never did it for the money. He put his “soul” into the music.

He is an example of what an individual with belief in himself is. His message pushed you to have faith in yourself. hyperbole aside; he was authentic. He told you to be authentic.

I enjoy his music. His impact is still seen today. He is missed.



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