Zoning Destroys Liberty

Although I have to admit that political reality might exist between two sets of ideal conditions. But I personally believe that we can sacrifice political reality for the ability of the working class poor to enter the small business world. (Pope John Paul II has been identified as someone that thinks that private property and the market economy were good things for the poor).

I see errors in the political reality in my nearby municipality. I read about re-zoning permit applications in the classifieds of our local paper. Quite often I see the news blurbs, or the results of their request, mentioning denials. If it isn’t denials, it is answering appeals. (I didn’t want to start to complain about tabled motions).

I read continious mentions from the city council on how they can help “economically invigorate” a rundown part of town.

I give them the idea of getting out of people’s way and let them generate income/taxes with their small businesses. They find use for some of these abandoned structures and they sure as hell want to find reasons to stick around. They can’t do that if they travel across town to find the right “zone”. Economic activity is best served in their area. They want to put effort into the area where they might find sucess or where their mission is “pointed at”.

And zoning comissions seem to serve only bureaucrats and the established.

I can find many examples of where people had met their final breaking point when it comes to their livelihoods and dealing with the zoning Napoleons. Most notable of my recollection was Marvin “Killdozer” Heemeyer, who exacted revenge during a townwide rampage using his armored bulldozer to destroy town hall and other buildings in Granby, Colorado.

I don’t suggest going on a rampage but I do suggest voting a few assholes out of a job or old fashioned civil disobedience.

Zoning isnt a sign of civilization, it became a nasty shitshow that hampers the use of one’s property.

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