Sex sells.

Food for thought; politely borrowed from Dalrock:
Is it possible that (a) less people care about women’s soccer around the world (b) the athletes dont present that entertaining a level of play?
I am not one to compare apples and oranges but I could silence the critics if the women’s world cup team went against the men’s team.


Instapundit has a link up to a Bablylon Bee piece about the “pay gap” for women’s soccer.  One common refrain in the comments is that women’s soccer has a smaller audience because the level of play is lower.  Commenter Bob wrote (emphasis mine):

Any D3 college men’s team could whip our women’s World Cup team … and therein lies the problem. Women do NOT play as well as men. They aren’t as fast, or as quick, or as skillful. Sorry ladies, but THIS is why men get paid more. My suggestion to you women soccer players … bring in the trannies. Big burly trannies “identifying” as women playing in the World Cup … hell, even I would pay to see that carnage, and you gals could parade around preaching about how tolerant and diverse you are.

Mt Geoff-Debbie responded in agreement:

Players are paid to attract people to the…

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