“Its the Biggest Decision of Your Life”

I was inspired to write this when I saw a quote on Dalrock’s blog under his article: The “no marriage proposals” canard. 

“I also see the “it’s the biggest decision of your life” fallacy in play here”.

I, too, don’t think that marriage is the biggest decision in your life. You will see bigger decisions than this in your life. (and yes, as mentioned by commenter Trust, a combination of smaller decisions).

“Life/path choice”

This is a big one. You can choose meth. You can choose alcohol. You can choose mediocrity. Marriage is a small decision among these options.

Military service over immediate college/training

This is my emphasis. This is huge. Your choice of major to begin with. Or joining the military out of high school. Returning to school is a different type of gamble, especially when you have been out of any learning environment for an extended period of time. Many men over look this decision in their life; to the point that they regret their decision further down the road just as much as marriage.

(I think that these public marriage proposals should go away too. I think private proposals should be done away with too. A man should just broach the subject of marriage and ask if you have a future. Negotiate conditions and discuss. A private marriage, without government licensure, is possible).

As per huge decisions; things happen to people in life. I also believe that we are a combination of our life’s decisions. I think it is a tad emotional to put that kind of weight on marriage. (Forget what the legal community has done to marriage). We may pick our paths but paths diverge and split all the time. We are never guaranteed to have a safe journey.


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