Don’t Feed the Government Animals

The Soccer Moms among us want the government to do something. And as always; the government disappoints. Consider this headline:

School district refuses CEO’s offer to pay off lunch debt

A private citizen tries to help the less fortunate and a bureacrat doesn’t want the help.

A Pennsylvania school district was criticized last week after sending threatening letters to parents over their children’s school lunch debt

The government isn’t here to help. It sucks at parenting as much as you do. Not only do they not care about you, apparently they think nothing of taking your kids. From the article:

“Your child has been sent to school every day without money and without breakfast and/or lunch,” the letter said. “This is a failure to provide your child with proper nutrition and you can be sent to Dependency Court for neglecting your child’s right to food.”

The letter goes on to say that their child could be at risk of being placed in foster care if the parents go to court. It asks parents to pay the debt in order to avoid being reported to authorities.

It is okay to expect people to pay their debts. It is also okay to tell people to feed their own damn kids but it is outside of decency to threaten to take someone’s kids over something like this. Is this what you “mamby-pambies” wanted for your tax money?

Furthermore; you big government loving idiots should stop expecting a lazy man’s job creating program to take care of the less fortunate. Instead of “paying taxes” donate food and money.

The Dept of Agriculture sucks at feeding people. They can’t run the expanded lunch programs and they sure as hell can’t run the “food stamps” program.

For once; the libertarians are right. Charity helps the less fortunate. The smallest level possible for the best effect.

Stop the big government crying fits. “Somebody oughtta do something!!!”, that is right, it should be you, not the government.

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