Libertarians Rest in Their Own Ghettos

I was loathed to type the following words:

Libertarians Rest In Their Own Ghettos

The rednecks I used to work with used to decry inner city crime, specifically blaming “jigs”, “trash”, or any combination of racial slurs. My readers know that I don’t have a love affair for rednecks. I blame Appalachian-Americans for not being the change in our world when it is needed.

It is with a heavy heart that present to you other people that lack solutions: my fellow libertarians. They often have decent ideas. They often work hard and have some level of intelligence. They make a habit of trying to understand economics. But they insulate themselves from communities that could actually benefit from these positive things. Libertarians form ghettoes. I feel like an awesome idea like the Free State Project turned into a call for people to insulate themselves. (But I bring up the dangers of areas like Williamsburg in New York, for example, of what can go wrong with insulation).

I think that libertarians are up for the challenge. I don’t think that New Hampshire was the greatest challenge. New Hampshire served as a proving ground or a test lab. Places like Chicago or Birmingham would have been a great challenge where the concepts of liberty could thrive.

In these places; a lack of culture has destroyed a community. We see marauding groups of teens punching people, (blatantly going against the non aggression principle). We see people that don’t work being taken care of from crade to grave. We see people receiving positive reinforcement for adopting negative behaviors. They can not thrive because they do not know what hunger is. They do not know what success is because they have no examples among them.

I believe that many libertarians have the work ethic and system of community to turn this around. But I don’t believe that libertarians are the most effective when they live in their own ghettoes. Perhaps we should challenge ourselves in the future?



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