Is The Fighting Enemy More Worthy Than A Reformed One???

I see the enemies we fight as worthy adversaries. I believe that Anwar Al-Awlaki earned an ounce of my respect when he got killed in a drone strike, (green lit by our president at the time).

I see some level of understanding in the poorly trained, ill equipped “D-team” foreign ISIS fighters that bodies litter the Iraqi desert.

These enemies, worthy within a certain scale, mirror the enemies of the past such as FARC, Japanese Red Army, FMLN, among others.

These movements appear and disappear. The leaders make a run at fulfilling a vision but they often run out of steam after a decade or so. But the movements that I worry about the most are the people that reform and “enjoin” the political process.

I was given a philosophical battle of sorts the other day when I saw that a few of the “fighting” elements of opposition (Sendero Luminoso, FARC, IRA, etc) engage in peace and seek the political solutions.

Are our enemies in the far left any greater engaging in peaceful resolutions or are they only worthy when they end with our “bang” and their whimper?

Can we have a level of respect in our modern times for those that reform?

Will one group coming to a peaceful resolution spring another more violent party to spring up?

I worry about such things. Don’t turn down peace but don’t be shy of the fight.



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