Victor Blackwell Is A Bad Ambassador

I have been known to engage a few limousine liberals that threw unwarranted stereotypical comments at flyover country or one of my favorite areas; Appalachia/The South. I felt like some of it was unwarranted but I give credit to some of the criticisms. I believe that rednecks, cousin lovers, and the trash inbetween is the reason why the rural south lags behind many other more successful areas. I will be the first to admit this.

Now for the ugly. I think that Victor Blackwell is a bad ambassador for his hometwon of Baltimore. He shows a weak face for someone that has had a measure of success. It wasn’t just his crying fits. It is the fact that he could overlook the relevance of someone’s critique, then go directly for the victim narrative.

It doesnt matter what color or background you are from. If your yard is crap; it is time to start cleaning. If you are already cleaning; it is time to enlist help.

In my own area; I fault a backwards culture. I know people that are woefully ignorant. They are sullen that it might take extra effort to do better economically. The Appalachian-Americans cry about what their grandpappy had instead of pushing for their kids to do better. They mourn the loss of a papermill but turn their nose up at the aerospace world. We normalize our daughters getting knocked up and turning extra land into a village of trailers for non-earning family members. We create our own ghetto.

This is no different than Baltimore. People without an identity and a backwards culture cause their own downfall. The tax base decline is something that follows.  We became a example of statistics.

I don’t believe in crying about things like that. I do believe in working on it. If you are crying about something that a politician said about your hometown; you are in the wrong. You are the one that chooses to feel bad and start crying. I choose to make a better example and be a stalwart for change in my world.

Victor…it is time to stop crying. It is time to bring home your hard work and the example of what a hard worker can achieve. You might need to be the one that criticises next time.vblackwell


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