What Will WordPress’ Final Step Be???

WordPress “nuked” Roissy. WordPress has disappeared anyone who dares speak of the brutish reality of biology.

WordPress is attempting to own speech. They hire left/left/left leaning people to oversee their left/left/left leaning pursuits. (Afterall, they are a left coast company serving the left coast people that started/invested in the company).

When will WordPress’ final step be? When will they realize that there is a point where they step off the cliff? Is there a point where they realize that the “LGBTQ whatever” industry won’t be their payday forever?

I have every reason to believe that they will throw everything down the memory hole when most convenient. Especially when someone gets enough notoriety and hurts someone’s feelings.

Note to WordPress and half of the venture capital money pits:

No one will be left when the industry plows through the rest of us. These creatures will ignore your lawyers. The media loves a victim. You won’t be it because no one will be remaining to help you. It isn’t too late to turn back and cater to the people that actually want to pay your bills.



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