Tim Pool Schools Antifa, Antifa Loses

I am a fan of Tim’s. And I am not a fan of Antifa. I think that the chickensh*t level of violence has hurt Antifa, (and the days are almost numbered when Antifa is designated as a domestic terrorist group).

I don’t think that Tim Pool is the next coming of Christ or the ghost of Augusto Pinochet but I think that he wins this one. I will give you a few disses that makes him the winner:

“Antifa is fairly low level terror”

“They are a bunch of young, dumb priviledged kids that run around throwing milkshakes at people”

“Antifa is annoying and dangerous”

“frail, weak, skinny, urban…”

“…a bunch of losers, with frail little weak arms, who are terrible at what they do”.

“squeaking like morons”.

Tim Pool 23, Antifa 0



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