Write Yourself In for 2020

I wanted to reach out to the people in the Electoral College battleground states and encourage them to do something ridiculously silly:

Write Yourself In for 2020

If you hate the “Orange Man” because “Orange Man Bad” and you might not believe in anyone in the Democratic Party because you really don’t believe that free stuff is free:

Write Yourself In for 2020

If you understand that you won’t get money from heaven. If you have a feeling that we probably won’t get our troops home if you vote for (x) person:

Write Yourself In for 2020

If you feel like you can’t vote for a TV host or a Korean War surgeon because “they are un-electable”:

Write Yourself In for 2020

It is time to get more involved in this process. It isn’t time for you to cry about. You should have started working on these problems on your own at a local level along time ago, but you fell asleep at the proverbial wheel.

The lesson today is that there is no magic bullet. You depend on someone with no stake in the game to rain manna from heaven when you should have started feeding yourself to begin with.

You easily could get the results you have been getting if you had a five way tie between the top five presidential candidates: (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Reform). You haven’t gotten anywhere playing popularity “pickem”. Try something new, freeze the system and:

Write Yourself In for 2020

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