Poor man w/ phony friends finds no riches

Earning the ducats won’t won’t make you happy. We see someone that starts with nothing (and shitty friends) make a ton of money. We see how this person ends up.

This person can feel alienated around the new people, even uncomfortable. He or she might pine for the “old days” of simplicity. This person is concerned that these elbow rubbing creatures are not “real friends”.

The weird thing is that the poor man is worried that the “crew” from back in the ‘hood would turn on him when he tries to “get up in this world”, (or as a few folks overseas call “tall poppy syndrome”).

The difference between the poor man and a rich man are slight. Without a proper “community” or a support base; both men are at a loss. Resources are hard to come by, (whether financial, moral, personal, or even romantic).

Plenty of rich men find themselves at a loss when tragedies strike. They find themselves talking to secretaries and answering machines when things go south.

In the hood’; most men with bad upbringings can count on someone taking advantage of someone with “their hands down”. The only loyalty exists when it is to someone else’s advantage.

Without true “people” in our life; we are nothing. Phony friends make you poor, no matter what background you are from.

I don’t have that many people I call family in my life. There weren’t that many people I could count on for the “4am airport call”.

You can be rich if you have a few people that you can count on.


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