Pick Your Sellouts, I Mean Heroes Carefully

I understand that in our modern day, we often have to change our direction (or as our sailors say “tack”) if we want to thrive and/or survive.

I will be the first to admit that I have had to quit doing one thing I was passionate about when I started to make a decent amount of money doing something else. I also know that many famous or semi-famous people have had to stop doing things when they made money doing other things too.

This isn’t what I am talking about. Today; I am talking about the type of people that have let their supporters/fans down and went against “who brought them there”.

In my latest video; I brought up the example of someone like Jay-Z who had already had a chunk of change from the rap game. He is now playing a punk for his wife’s fake brand of feminism and the “victim class” in his new “partnership” with the NFL.

I wanted to use him as an example of where men need to be careful of sellouts and who they pick as an arbiter of success. He might have money but he is a poor example of someone from his community.

I was done with the “trailer park” losers when I left home. I also decided that I would rather be cast out with my dignity when my new “masters” tried to call in a favor. I know where I stand and you should know your limits too. Learn to recognize when someone has been put up to something and when they didn’t have personal boundaries.

Pick your heroes and your sellouts wisely.


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