Make Money with Business, Not Lawsuits

The way to make money honestly in business is to provide a great service or product. (And if I wanted to be funny, have your income exceed your expenses).

Lawsuits are not the best way to make money or to get revenge. It is also not an avenue for “fairness”. (Fairness is bs, by the way).

The best way for you to “win” in a situation when you are thinking you are being wronged is to live a better life and team up with those that are on your side. I even suggest that you support the “enemy of your enemy”. (These are libertarian solutions and not “victim” solutions).

Instead of feeding shitberg lawyers; feed an opposing business. Invest your time and money into the competition. The competition will thrive when you give them the boost. I mentioned this in my latest video.

YouTube has kicked plenty of people off of its platform. (and yes, even people with good content and a bevy of followers). But the best have started to support competition and even start their own platforms).

I include my latest video where I discuss this and I also included two links to articles about folks like Prager U and Watts the Safeword that are going down the lawsuit road.

Is YouTube Discriminating Against Both Conservatives and LGBT Videos? Two Lawsuits Say Yes.


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