Tyler Durden’s Dead Penguins or How I Learned to Love the Burning Amazon.

Although I can’t find my copy of Fight Club; I often harken back to a few iconic words contained in its sacred pages:

“I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all the French beaches I’d never see. I wanted to breathe smoke. I wanted to destroy something beautiful.”

“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

“Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything. Nothing is static, everything is evolving, everything is falling apart.”

“Maybe self-improvement isn’t the answer, maybe self-destruction is the answer.”

“I wanted to destroy everything beautiful I’d never have.”

“Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

Folks; I don’t feel a bit of hurt after hearing about the Amazon burning. The people that live there don’t give a crap enough to not clear it for “farm land”. Contrary to what every kid my age thought in elementary school; it didn’t matter.

I remember seeing how cool penguins were but I noticed that they lived in the shittiest part of the world. They would often go look for food in warmer places like Brazil. But I grew up to say “screw the penguins”, just like Tyler Durden spoke of the panda. Penguins are Antarctic chickens. Screw’em. We should feel the same way about the Amazon.

The Amazon should be destroyed. Let’s see what happens. The tigers and other pretty animals will either find a way to survive in a post-rainforest world or have their crudely drawn pictures put next to the American cheetah and the dodo. We arent doing anything worthwhile with the forests anyway. We use our scientific advancements for ED medications and female viagara. The cure for cancer isn’t there.

The European crybabies (like frog p*ssy Macron) don’t have a clue, either. France isnt credible. France had their chance after WWII and they blew it. Don’t flood Brazil with your bullshit.

Let’s do the opposite of what Madonna and DiCaprio say. Let us spend money on something that is worthwhile; like buying a cow’s worth of meat. We can use the Amazon fires to cook it.

Screw this mess. Its time for us to get on with our lives. Go screw someone of the opposite sex and have fun. Quit crying.

The Amazon fires – morons gotta moron.


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