Another P*ssy Journalist Shows His Ass

I have made it blatantly clear that I have little to no faith in many of the members of our modern media, (it doesnt matter if they are liberal or conservative). I find many of them are limp wristed sissies that don’t live in the real world/have any real skills besides trying to wreck other people’s lives, acting like victims, or crying.

I found another journalist that I wanted to highlight. Bret Stephens. Yard sale level p*ssy journalist from the New York Times.

Crying about being called a “bedbug”. He should cry about me calling him a “ch*ckensh*t”. (Insert I couldnt count on you if we had another D-day reference).

It was even sadder that a professor had cracked the joke! Not an alt-right figure or a provocateur!

I am one of the few people that is willing to call him a bedbug or a ch*ckenshit to his face. I don’t think that limpwrists like him built the society that we live in today. (Its beyond sad that he couldnt just roll with the punches and laugh with people. Jessica Valenti, of all people, got in a jab!).

It doesn’t matter if you are a “cuckservative” or a liberal. Pissy wimps are pissy wimps.

Folks like Brett Stephens are silver spoon punks that couldn’t hoof it in the real world. (Sure as hell wouldn’t hoof it welding, in the Marines, or any other employment requiring “fortitude”).

This has been a public service announcement from someone with a backbone.



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