More Than Life than Sandwiches

The losers among me never cease to thrill me with their tales of stupidity. The anti-evolutionary morons are at it again.

It is one thing that a low end moron would beat up his his “old lady” over a sandwich. It is another that a trash person/lady creature at McDonald’s slapped a pregnant employee over a substandard McChicken sandwich, earning a $5000 bail and potential prison visit.

But now, in true consumer junkie fashion, the loons are going nuts over Popeye’s chicken sandwiches. It runs the gamut of morons suing Popeye’s for false advertising due to the restaurant running out of the food that they wanted. Our friend’s at WorldStarHipHop have footage of a woman beating up an employee over the Popeye’s sandwich.

I imagine that I have left out other incidents of chicken based idiocy. This processed, fast food shit isn’t good for you anyway.

It shows you that the only way for you to move on to a real sense of class is that you don’t buy into this junk warfare that is being sold to you. One minute it is $60 big screen televisions, the next minute it is free donuts. Now, it is something else.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t share the “hype” with others around you. Don’t scream “shut up and take my money”. Make your own food and be happy. Stop killing yourselves with shit food.

Live a life of purpose that doesn’t include you adopting a brand as an identity. Popeye’s, McDonald’s, and the other “possessive” companies don’t care about you. If you would like to argue me on this, go on Restaurant Brands International website and write their Board of Directors. None of their BoD or their major investors lose sleep over your lust for their sandwiches. They care about money, specifically separating you from yours.

You make your own live’s that much harder. Don’t wait for our local retards to destroy your lives. Don’t wallow in the mud. Get a life. Eat better food. Screw better people. And stop being one of these zombified consumers.

Get on with your lives. Save your money and screw the empty thrill of fast food marketing.

For examples of food based idiocy, feel free to read the provided links.



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