Inhumane Resources: The Phantom Job

I have to admit that I was in a bit of a pickle. I started to chomp at the proverbial professional bit. I had been in my position as an operator for a few years. I had been relatively seasoned in the job, learning just about all the ins and outs of the job. I worked well with the guys in my shift and for the most part; I enjoyed the job. It just got a little stale. I had previously spoken with my manager about another role, (note that I was “soft offered” a  position as an alternate shift lead but I turned it down due to issues with professional communication). I had a good rapport with my manager, and he knew I was hungry for opportunities due to my previous volunteering for various projects. He didn’t mind when I put in for an internal transfer.

The transfer was for a job in our plant’s lab. Yes; just as you suspected, quality control. Running samples for various units in the plant. I had a relatively good system of communication with those folks. (I had previously dropped off samples and I roughly knew their schedule). So; I put in for the position. I had learned that a few other people from other units were interested, (there were two total positions open). Not a big deal. (Please note: I can’t remember if I or anyone else knew that put in for the job ended up getting an interview). The most humorous part of the hiring process was around the corner.

I asked around for any updates regarding the position. Our pals at the lab couldn’t tell me what was going on either. No new hires or transfers. My boss hadn’t heard anything either. The job listing was taken down when I had looked for it. I was looking to hearing some news. The news was of a bizarre nature. The company didn’t consider anyone that put in for the position. They transferred two people that didn’t put in for the job or didn’t show a large amount of interest in the job. I saw this as strange. I didn’t get a large amount of feedback from managers or anyone regarding this. Most of my co-workers knew that I was upset. I didn’t let emotions get the best of me. I did what I thought was constructive: I sent a request for a review using our companies third party run internal audit system.

Using the clearest head possible; I asked for someone within the Houston corporate office to look at this. I was promised a quick, thorough investigation. My observation was that I didn’t hear anything back for months. Not a peep from my own people or anyone in any position of authority. It took a while and I got an email asking me to speak with my company’s local HR representative. Of course; I rolled my eyes in derision. I have had a few run ins with the HR, and I didn’t look forward to another.

In the meeting; HR took my statement. It wasn’t long after my statement was sent to the “Houston crowd” that I received one of the funniest resolutions. The ending statement said something to the effect that the hiring process was handled poorly without regards to the companies prior normal operating procedures, but due to the fact that the HR rep responsible quit their job, nothing else could be done/”case closed”.

The company wasted no time afterwards to put more openings up for new lab positions. My manager asked me if I was interested. I said “no, they could always offer me the job without me applying for it”. He had mentioned, with a grin, that “the company usually wouldn’t do anything like that”.

Fast forward to a little over a year later: I found myself transferred into a position I wasn’t interested in. I loved my co-workers; but I was a poor fit. Add another year (or two) and a few months; I was out of the gate shortly after a new company had bought our plant. In my six years I had been there; I learned a few things, chiefly that anyone with boots on the ground shouldn’t put their faith in human resources.




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3 Responses to Inhumane Resources: The Phantom Job

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  2. Gunner Q says:

    Human Resources are human trash. Those least qualified to do the work, are most in control of the hiring process. Keep a couple around to manage payroll and Workers’ Comp but fire the rest.

    Better yet, make HR the default sinecure for loyal workers who get too hurt or old to do their original job. They know who the company needs and will be grateful to the company for not cutting them loose.


    • I wouldn’t go that far as to call someone trash but I would be willing to go as far as saying that HR personnel could develop their own “Hypocratic Oath” and start developing a code of ethics/standard of operation. Or even telling employees that HR is the company’s HR, not the worker’s. I seldom if ever have met anyone in HR that had “stones” to stand up for what they believed in. (Pardon the equivalent of a battered wife).


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