Shayn Striegel Ruined By See Something, Say Something

***Reblog from gunnerq. it is the weekend and Im not writing. I think paranoia is a terrible thing that we have learned. Not just from soccer moms but from our dumb collective trust of the government***

Gunner Q

I enjoyed the county fair this weekend, always a fun time, although predictably marred by heavily tightened security. No doubt a response to the Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting but still, checkpoint searches and plastering “See Something, Say Something” signs all over the place and in the fair event flyers would not have stopped that incident and surely won’t stop the next. Which is more likely:

“Officer, I just saw a guy wearing military fatigues, a ski mask and carrying a rifle and shotgun wait in line, buy a ticket, enter the main gate and then head towards the children’s carnival while jacking shells into the 12-gauge. I wasn’t going to say anything except all these signs made me think I probably should.”

“Officer, I just saw a white man wearing a hat with the Confederate flag leave a suspicious package in the trash can. You should arrest him and make…

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