The Psychology of the Churchian Woman Worshiper

***Reblog: lazy weekend. I mention that Churchianity is attractive to the snowflakes in our mist. It infects us and weakens our church. I may not agree 100% with Ballista’s post but I think it is insightful and a fair warning from decades ago***

Ballista74's Blog

Occasionally, one just comes across some absolute gold when it comes to things. I’ve talked before about the typical state of men when it comes to the churches and marriage numerous times over the years. It’s rare to see an example of one so sold into the prospect of going against God’s plan for marriage.

As found on Reddit (screen-capped for obvious reasons), we have a perfect psychological study of Blue Pill Churchian female worship:

Unfortunately, this is more the rule than the exception.  While I’m tempted to leave much of this to the commenters here, the notables that haven’t been said are worth explaining.

This guy likely struggled for 18 years against this woman’s resistance, society, his church, and everything else, until finally he had that Fireproof moment where he finally gave into Satan’s tempting and followed into the sin of Adam by submitting to his wife. One…

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