Bill Weld: America’s First “Illibertarian” President

Bill Weld, former Massachusetts governor and Libertarian Party vice presidential figure, has put himself in the spotlight again. It is one thing that he was wildly mediocre as a liberal governor; it is another that he posed as a libertarian out of sheer pageantry. He has decided to make an ass out of himself for the umpteenth time. He has thrown his propellered beanie into the 2020 Presidential race, running in the Republican primary against our current sitting president; Donald “Donny J” Trump.

This was old news from several weeks ago. He had been running his mouth much like the scandal ridden Mark Sanford or the moss-grown politician known as Joe Walsh. (I identify these ramblings as another attempt at grabbing attention). For some reason; the press decided to entertain Bill “Can’t” Weld’s latest ramblings: Screaming that Pres. Donald Trump committed treason. (Taken from USA Today’s Sept. 23rd edition headline reading: GOP challenger Bill Weld says Trump committed ‘treason,’ mentions death penalty).

It takes a lot of balls to accuse a sitting president of something like that. I wouldn’t be the one to speak hyperbolically about treason. Bill Weld, formerly known as a libertarian sellout, shouldn’t be the one to throw rocks. He went from liberal Republican to weak libertarian poser to imposter swamp Republican. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ukraine/Trump story falls apart and ole’ Billy Boy looks like a bigger loser than he already has.

I also wanted to pitch the idea that in the 18th and 17th century a man wouldn’t dare to accuse a man of Trump’s standing of such a thing. Duels were a way of making a man stick to his word. We used to have duels back then when a man was insulted like that. I speak fondly of the Burr-Hamilton duel as a great example. I think a man of Weld’s ilk would think twice if he were challenged in a public setting. Bill Weld, acting as a jailhouse lawyer, spoke of Donald Trump’s supposed actions as “treason pure and simple” and that “the penalty…under the U.S. code is death”.

When Pres. Trump is cleared of wrongdoing; I would petition the DOJ to legalize dueling on federal land in Washington DC for the sole purpose of Donald Trump’s challenge to defend his honor. It would take a coward to shy away from threatening death on a sitting president, but it would take a bigger coward to shy away from an open opportunity to back up your claims.

Note to readers: Are we that kind of coward or do we back up our claims, (either that or withhold inflammatory comments without basis)?


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