Inhumane Resources: Left/Right Brain Dichotomy


We may find it strange that the following story was not something that I experienced but a random person on Reddit. I have been chastised before for digging around the bowels of the internet for stories. I have heard the complaints about veracity and that people online are often inspired to inflate claims with hyperbolic statements. I want to share with you a story from an anonymous poster on Reddit. The horror following is in support of my normal jabs at “human resources”. (largely quoted from the Reddit posting).

This person, who I will call “Jeff”, noted that he started a new job in Texas. Jeff had signed a contract with a set salary and paid time off (PTO) marked as flexible, not accrued as many hourly people have. He had met with his new supervisor a few days after his first report day. The supervisor started talking about “hourly, time clocking (sic), and vacation accrual rates”. Jeff had mentioned that his signed letter had only listed a salary and flexible PTO.  The boss asked to put a hold on the conversation so the boss could check back with HR, since the role is “definitely meant to be non-exempt hourly, not exempt salary”.

Jeff met with his supervisor and HR shortly after. In true IR fashion; the HR lady had said that it was their mistake, but Jeff is hourly and accruing PTO.

Jeff naturally mentions that he would have negotiated differently and that he had originally had no intention of going into overtime. (Humorously, he was also excused from the training for the time keeping software he wasn’t supposed to use).

Jeff had turned down other opportunities to take this position, specifically the position that was noted on his signed offer letter.

While I have to admit that Jeff is still dealing with his “chain of command”; I think his situation has given birth to a few questions:

  • Does this company know how situations like this make their company look?
  • Can the company’s HR own up to the error? Will it take company legal to fix this problem?
  • Are you surprised that someone wouldn’t be excited working for someone like this?


I have always argued that many Human Resources people (recruiting, compliance, benefits, etc.) are often uninformed that they are representatives of the company, not only to the public but to the rank and file of the workforce. It is a necessity that the “left hand” should know what the “right hand” is doing. It is callous to have a new hire (or even a well-established) employee lose faith in the process when faced with a company’s representative taking back their word, without treating them like a professional.

To me; it is Inhumane Resources. You are continuing the disregard of people. But you can make the changes now, being the integral bellwether for those above you and the company alike. We can turn over a new leaf.


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