A Lesson From the Younger Me

Through a family member’s Facebook account; I learned that a long-estranged friend from my past was meeting up with someone I had “left behind” in a few months. My family member meant well. I had not let my loved one know that I was more or less done with them both. I reflected on this earlier this morning.

I wasn’t feeling down and reflecting on old times. I was thankful to have them in my life when they were around. I had dark times and often they were a light-hearted escape. But I grew up to take care of myself and both of them don’t bring anything to my life. I stopped feeling bad about it.

I was able to look back at these “friends”. I looked back at the kind of things that happened…the kind of things that I shouldn’t have put up with: letting me date someone that was clouding my vision, talking shit behind my back, and acting like borderline “Asperger’s” level jackasses. I needed people in my life that could pull me to the side and steer me back in the right direction. I needed someone that wouldn’t purposely steer the communal ship in the opposite direction unless there was an obstacle. Time would show me the errors.

Fast forward to many years ago. We had been separated. Geographically; we were scattered to the wind. I believe that it was for the best. I have requirements for the people in my life. I learned one of these from a movie that I long gave a level of derision to; Fast and Furious 7. In this movie, a character by the name of Dominic Toretto said “I don’t have friends; I have family”. I stick by this piece of wisdom. Friends can screw you over but a family member would look out for you.

The younger me taught me the necessity for people that will share your vision and steer you back on course. Not distracting you with matters of taste or a collection of mental tics. Life is hard enough when you make mistakes in earnest but it is worse when you surround yourself with people that can live with themselves when you fall by the wayside.

God bless you, gentlemen. Fair winds and following seas. Till’ Fiddler’s Green.


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