BD #7 – The Basic Concept Behind The Man-Up Rant.

***Re-blog from Ballista. I have started the tradition of reposting work from others on the weekends. a genius has to rest. I do find it interesting that no one has ever told many underachieving women to make better decisions while someone in the Christian community tells a man to “man up”. For once, I think that this would be a call for equality if we all were held to task where we were going wrong. I have mentioned before that depreciating assets have lower value when the company connected had made bad decisions. It applies to people too.***

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This continues a series I’ve called “Blogging Dobson” – (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) – on some comments in the Dobson book “Straight Talk to Men and Their Wives”. I pull out some “interesting statements” which illustrate the fallacy that these kinds of ministries perpetrate of being “godly” or “family-affirming”.


In reading this book on Husbands and Wives, it should be unthinkable that we would get away without Dobson getting a man-up and marry the single chaste wonderful women sluts rant in. As those who frequent sites that advocate against these teachings know, man-up rants are sermons or blog articles or other things where different evangelical figures rant against men because they aren’t running right out and signing up to be a slave to marry the first available woman irrespective of choice to marry or quality of the women available. They come so…

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