Die Hard in a Suck-A$$ World

I have hit a hard point in my life. After watching Die Hard (and its subsequent sequels); I have come to the realization that Die Hard wasn’t as good as you think it was.

Let us look back at some hard facts:
Everyone, except Al Powell, Dick Thornburg, and the world’s greatest driver; Argyle. (debatably) “lost”. I will show you how.

John McClane:

His marriage was shaky to begin with. He never saw his kids. His wife wasn’t even using his name anymore. He seemed like a spectacle to many of Holly’s co-workers. (In subsequent movies, John was outed as a drunk and a hazard. Many people missed suicide references).

Hans Gruber:

His math sucked. His bonds probably wouldn’t net him the money he needed. Nevermind, he didn’t understand what it took to make money with bearer bonds. Worthless instrument? He had to have paid the east German Olympic team ahead of the heist. Never mind he failed at skydiving.

Deputy Chief Robinson:

Blown up building. Dead terrorists. Property damage. Dead hostages. Loss of face in regard to the media. No command in his faith.

Holly McClane:

Spent Christmas at Takagi Plaza. Saw most of her company’s management killed. She is left to pick up the pieces. Violence further clouds her vision of family and holidays.

This movie wasn’t as heart warming as you think. It ended with a few innocent people going home but they had PTSD as a Christmas present. (and yes, innocent people died too).

Nevermind that a few years later Airheads would be filmed nearby.


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