Time Examination: Butthurt and other Behaviors

Chance Lunceford has talked about “excising” behaviors out of your life. He had mentioned about finding himself feeling “butthurt” about various subjects, (noted from his time on Twitter). I believe that he had to take a step back. I found this to be profound. It reminded me of how I changed a part of my life that was hurting me.

I had decided to get out and do something. I jumped at a suggestion to take up martial arts. I had previously enjoyed wrestling in high school. I had also loved “jawing” about the UFC when I was in high school. It was a good decision.

I enjoyed learning and the physical activity. It was nice to get out of the house. I enjoyed spending time with people that wanted to accomplish something in their lives besides drinking beer and being sorry. I would speed home after “practice” happily. This is where it gets stupid.

I ended up getting connected with a gnarly dude that I sparred with. He worked harder than everyone else. He had a jab with a pop that made you feel stupid when he hit you in the face. I respected the hell out of this cat. He asked if I wanted to go do something after work. I told him that I had taped something and needed to get back to watch it.

I ran home. I watched it. I thought nothing of it until the next day. I was a giant hypocrite. I had always complained that I didn’t have or make friends. I had quite a few move away. I had a chance to be a friend, but I was a dumbass.

I ran into him a day or two later. I apologized to him. I asked if he was available. Long story short; I am friends with him, and I consider him to be family. But I still had a change to make.

I went home and discussed getting rid of our satellite television service. I found myself watching it with zombie like fervor. I ended up cutting it off. The tv wasn’t doing anything for me in my life. I wasn’t learning or growing due to it. It left me feeling upset or puzzled half of the time.

The beautiful thing is that when I got rid of it, I had time to make new friends and do new things. I found myself feeling better. I found other people living for their “programs”. I learned new things and had new experiences. I found myself in the gym. I lost weight. I spent less money. It was a step in the right direction.

I don’t blame Chance for re-examining things in his life. I had to do the same. I have every reason to believe that I might have to get rid of other things that detract in my life. He is a smart man for noticing and acknowledging it. Just like Tim Ferriss has mentioned; we should re-examine what is bringing value to our lives and what is causing us stress.

(Feel free to check out Chance on the Morning Brew w/ Hunter Drew at the below link)



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1 Response to Time Examination: Butthurt and other Behaviors

  1. I haven’t had a TV in years, since the one in Africa was fried by a power spike. So much ess time wasted.
    Had TV in an AirBNB recently, was sick so I watched a bit. Only one channel was interesting, showing old episodes of Nightrider and Xfiles, but soon that got boring and I went back to reading.
    There are some good shows but 98% is dross, and the news makes you dumber.


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