How To Get A Better Response From Your Girl

***Re-blog from Jack. I found it to be insightful. I, among others, weren’t taught certain elements of communication. this article goes into some of this. Please enjoy it. I’m off for the weekend.***

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This post describes how a man can demand more consideration and respect from a woman, and in doing so, receive positive, constructive responses from her.

Targeted Readership: Men in LTR’s


In a previous post, Introduction to Game Theory 101 (February 11, 2018), I covered some findings from the research of Dr. John Gottman, which involved making ‘bids’. Bids cover any kind of statement or action which imply a request for the other person’s consideration, time, attention, or some other investment.

To illustrate an example of making a bid, I could ask my wife, “Which tie should I wear today? The green one with the floral pattern, or the red, ‘power’ tie?”. In this statement, I am making a bid for her thoughts and attention. Her response says a lot about the health of our relationship. She could ignore me (bad), or she could simply say, “Red today” (mediocre), or… she…

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1 Response to How To Get A Better Response From Your Girl

  1. Jack says:

    Thanks for the hat tip, Matt!
    Like you, I didn’t learn this from my parents either. I learned it by studying psychology, and by trial and error. But every married man would be better off to know it.
    BTW, I’ve gotten feedback from several guys saying this method worked for them. If it works for you or your readers, please leave a message and give me some feedback.
    All the best!


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