The Pygmalion Project vs. Shared Enterprises

***This is a re-blog from Jack. I found this to be an interesting article about our interactions within long term relationships. It is deep but it is worth your read. As always, the weekend gives me a rest.***

Σ Frame

This article discusses the Rosenthal/Pygmalion/Golem Effects – the general habit of LTR partners to pick out the weaknesses and annoyances in the other, and demand that these aspects be changed, which only leads to an exacerbation of the perceived problems. Sharing an enterprise is illustrated as one way to upset and displace the Pygmalion interaction dynamic.

Targeted Readership: Those who are in LTR’s

The material is arranged in the following sections.

  1. The Frustration of the Feelz
  2. The Rosenthal Effect → Pygmalion Project → The Golem Effect
  3. Enthusiasm Towards Shared Enterprises Supersedes the Feelz and Frustrations
  4. An Illustrative Case Study – Cleaning House
  5. Challenges in Implementation
  6. Conclusions

1. The Frustration of the Feelz

In today’s culture, most people in a relationship rate the quality of their relationship by how they FEEL about the complementary partner in the relationship.

From the Feelz Perspective, the woman usually has the ‘advantage’, simply because women…

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