What Would Cause Your Boiling Over Point?

A compatriot of mine had shown me a news story that I was overlooking. I had roughly heard of the case of Jeffrey Younger and the fight to save his son James from a forced gender transition. A jury had struck against Jeffrey. This father has gone through quite a lot already and is going through a stressful time dealing with the remnants of his family. My “brother” had mentioned that we don’t know what we would do if we were in his shoes. I was not as passionate as he was. My answer was more of a humorous response. (We both did not follow a stoic framework). But I had to follow up and mention to him that I had already been to that point. I was damn near that close to boiling over and yelling “f*ck it”.

I had someone accuse me of some really despicable stuff. Criminal stuff. I had made a habit in my life to stay out of major trouble. I did my best to not commit felonies. I steered clear of folks that I knew that sold drugs. I walked away many times in my life from bad situations that didn’t pass the “sniff test”. I took pride in that I wanted better people in my life. Even before I got into drinking; I slipped my guard down and let manifested darkness in.

I had someone accuse me of very uncharacteristic things. We all should have faith that our legal system would clear the innocent. This wasn’t the case. I would have been wrapped up in a political shitstorm where someone needed to save face. Even if I would have been found innocent of the felony; I would have been hit for smaller things that weren’t even crimes in most locales. I had every intention of saving face.

I was planning on absconding. I had little money and no prospects as a clueless 18-year-old. I still had a few contacts but no one that could hole me up for a few years. I was willing to try and commit “identity suicide”. This depended on if I ended up in “the system”. I just needed the shoving off point. I was waiting for an order to report to the legal office. This was thankfully never realized.

I sit here today telling you that I have had an experience that drove me to the brink. I may not know specifically how Mr. Younger feels but I have been at the crappiest point of my life. I barely made it out without bringing shame to my family.

Hunter Drew, from the Family Alpha, had reminded me of being aware. It is within our responsibilities to be aware of what would happen if a tragedy of this proportion happened to us.

Please read Hunter’s piece on the James Younger debacle at his website:

Jeffrey Younger & The End of Father’s Rights

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