Watching A Meltdown: Outside Scoop

I don’t revel in the failure of others. It doesn’t matter if it is a person or a company. But I find myself strangely attracted to a train wreck in progress. Comparative to non-racing fans enjoying NASCAR highlights of a multi-car pileup. I have seen the metaphorical up close.

I worked somewhere for a company that posted an opening for a position and hired our manager’s friend instead of someone that had firsthand experience. I had no animosity against this person. I didn’t work around him so I dropped any involvement with it. (The vast majority of the management in our department were laughable in their social abilities and how they live their lives). I found it bizarre that the new hire wasn’t at the job for that long before he was caught hanging a noose over someone’s desk. Never mind there was a camera right where he put it. (I had been fired by then. They had fired the guy that fired me. Then they fired most of my coworkers or laid off the one’s that didn’t get fired). I laughed with a few of my friends that had been fired. The company saw a great dip in profits and a reduction in production.

Watching a door isn’t the most fun. One can get bored with printing badges and reading a list. I didn’t work with anyone. I always enjoyed talking to the courier that brought in the mail. He was old school. Cantankerous but upfront, no bs. No back-room stuff. I was happy letting people in and reading a book during the down time. People have had run ins with someone in an adjacent room that clearly had a mental issue. Back stabby stuff. I steered clear. The cantankerous courier was doing his job one day and the mental person (MP) blew their stack. The courier had a huge stack of catalogs that had been sent by various companies. He left the stack outside of my area and near the mental person’s cubicle. Mental person flipped their sh*t.  Asked me why they were there. Yelled at me for it. I explained that I don’t deliver mail. MP kicked the stack, sending catalogs everywhere. The courier just looked at the mental person. MP told him to take these things away. He told MP that he just delivers things. He walks away with MP yelling. He told me in confidence: “I went to Nam’ and I’ve been working for this company for 25 years. Damn; I’ve never seen nothing like this”.

These are just a few little examples of things that are heading off of a cliff that we can’t help but watch. The dynamic of change brings the death and birth of things in our world.  It is considered polite to not ogle, but the shiniest of things catch our attention when we should be looking away.



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