Time thieves

***It is Saturday morning and I wanted to highlight someone else’s work. This article by Nikolai at Soviet Men struck a nerve. I had a time wasting experience that took away two months of my life. It is one thing that I was burned in the “romantic” world but it is another that I lost face with other people around me. Enjoy this post and learn from it.***



You probably think that most people are just focused on their own affairs.  They worry about their children’s grades, they wonder why the wife is grumpy, they go over their finances, they remember seeing a cute high school girl that morning dressed inappropriately then scold themselves for thinking that; they stress that the boss caught them sleeping the other day.  You think that everyone is utterly wrapped up in his own affairs, and spends his time thinking about personal issues like these.

You are wrong.

Each and every person on this planet, when out of sight, sits in a high-backed chair, gives an evil sneer, drums his fingertips together, and ponders:

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