Activate your flow by addressing your two selfs

***Re-blog from Ralph at Way of the Predator. I found this piece to be deep and insightful. He comes in the clutch for a Sunday. Please enjoy yourselves and the article. See you tomorrow.***

Way Of The Predator

You’ve heard about that mysterious flow. Let’s discover how you can heat your engine on and make the day a win. Instantly. Let’s make use of your two identities.

Wait, what? Two identities?

You may have experienced sufficiently the fact that human beings can have opposing needs. For example you work as a undergrad teacher but at the same time a strong urge pulls you to tearing muscles apart in the gym. Often one thing is practiced with focus on the body like sports, crafts or construction working. The other thing your soul strives to use is the mind. For example writing chick lit, learning to code or developing business concepts. Rarely do we find a job that satisfies both of our polar areas of interest so we split them into job and hobby. One becomes a routine, the other serves to recharge.
The activity itself and its use of…

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