My End of The Sales Job: Follow Up to Previous Post

I turned down the offer I had previously been presented with for a great reason. It would have left me in a bad position. In this position; I easily was looking for the wrong thing to begin with. It wasn’t money but connection and a “face” in the community.

My issue was inside of me (sense of identity) would be affected by the negative things imparted by his first impression. This is on me. I have concerns with who I am affiliated with and who I associate with. I would not get a good start in a workplace when I felt off about a supervisor.

While the lead salesman’s stories of high achievement were impressive. He made “bank” in street parlance. His accomplishment of running the private organization should organizational skills. Outside of his “trying to find a job after school” explanation; I never seemed to see why he got into the sales gambit. He was educated and full of himself. I didn’t want to associate with someone like this.

The more that I look at Todd Duncan’s High Trust Selling, I notice that leadership in sales can be the center of a workplace’s sales numbers. For what I heard from the lead salesman’s comments; he didn’t exactly steer his colleagues into tangible, honest goals in regard to sales. He steered them into not getting verbally accosted. His reward system wasn’t the most appealing to someone from Nowhere, Alabama. (Cruises don’t appeal to everyone). It was easy for someone to phone in half of the job and not care about customers.

In the end; it is about taking care of customers. It might start with a leader. It might pass down to the rank and file. But it is digested through sales and passed on to the customers. A good leader can develop his people. Once again from High Trust Selling: you can’t make a person someone else. The goal in developing your people is twofold: (1) to improve them as individuals and help them live out the purposes for which they feel they are designed and (2) to improve their value to their teammates, the business, and the business’s clients (49).

I felt like I dodged a bullet. The first impression was that the sales job, or at least the public interaction part, could be very promising. But the leadership builds and supports the “little people”. It was my call. I’m not turning my nose up to sales but it will be further down the road.



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