Halloween Warning: Everyday Costume

When I am stuck in an airport for a couple of hours; I am content on people watching instead of destroying my neck using a smartphone. I watch a relatively large amount of uneventful people come and go. I find a little peace in this away from Robin Meade at CNN trying to tell me how to think. But out of the blue; random people turn me into a curmudgeon.

I find it relatively okay to see a happy, bouncy person wearing a pair of costume antenna. It looks playful and cheerful. I would find it funny to have someone greet me in a pair of antenna, (although I would rather have a woman meet me in a pvc bondage outfit, but I’m not going there today). I don’t find anything wrong with lighthearted attempts at making travel fun. But I scratch my head when I see folks in actual costumes.

I was waiting at my gate when I saw a guy with furry animatronic cat hands and one of those college mascot worthy heads on. Yes, just walking along like that is normal. (Folks like him wonder why people scratch their heads). I guess I was a little conditioned to expect a “give me beer” t-shirt. I have seen a few other strange sightings but that took the cake.

I’m never expecting the “Mad Men” era to come back where men wore suits to fly. (This wouldn’t happen with all that TSA shakedown bullsh*t that we experience now). It would be a nice start to see more dresses on ladies and sportscoats on men, but that is but a sh*tty pipe dream. But I find room for improvement.

The kind of improvement that comes with a change of attitude. Your treatment as an adult changes with a change in attitude. If you wear a proverbial costume every day, you should expect to be treated like a casted character in your life. It is one thing to be situation appropriate but it is another to be the jackass in a tuxedo shirt at an actual black-tie affair. The attitude that I had to adopt was that I was a grown man and it was time to grow up. I have fun at times but I don’t dress like a golfer at work. I look like a guy that could crawl underneath the vehicle and fix something. I would look ridiculous and delusional with a cat head on. I’m not youthful anymore. I try my best to look quasi-professional, (hard to wear a suit if I have to crawl under a vehicle in the rain).

Without meandering anymore; I encourage you to not be mistaken for wearing a costume. It is embarrassing. It stops being Halloween. You need to be re-cast as a member of your adult life. Now; I am waiting to use the restroom to change out of my Family Guy shirt.


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