How the Pill Changes the Brain and Emotions

***Re-blog from Jack at Sigma Frame. This was an interesting piece regarding “the pill” and much of the science behind it. A good read.***

Σ Frame

This post reviews some scientific literature on hormonal contraceptives to identify exactly what changes in the brain and the emotional constitution of a woman on the Pill.

Readership: All; Parents of adolescent daughters; Women who use birth control pills; Men with partners who use birth control pills; Men interested in vetting a woman for a relationship;

A previous post on Σ Frame, How the Pill Kills (15 October 2019), covered how Oral Contraceptive (OC) medication (AKA birth control pills) causes medical complications and death in young women.  But the effects of the Pill don’t stop there.

Hormones are able to work at very small doses (parts per billion ranges).  Therefore, endocrine disruption can occur from low-doses of exogenous hormone exposure or from hormonally active substances that interfere with receptors for other hormonally assisted processes.  As these hormones disrupt the chemical balance in the normal endocrine cycles of the body, the…

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