Screw What the Media Tells You pt 50.

I wanted to take a short time out from my work to tell you something that yoiu should already know: The media is feeding you a load of crap.

Popular Science Claims Eating Meat Is White Male Privilege

Not only is Popular Science wrong; eating meat is a sign that you take care of yourself and you understand your bodies needs.

I believe that meat is not only something that your bodies use but a part of our life’s cycle. I have dealt with animals firsthand. I castrated pigs, helped band goats, and culled chickens. I am thankful to our creator for these animals. I value their lives and their sacrifices. Their flesh provided for my families needs. Their loss was not in vain. I prayed in thanks and I thanked them also.

The rules that the leftist/globalists make up don’t apply to others. Just the people they target. They only target the weak that would actually believe this emotionally based garbage.

Use your own mind. Eat what is healthy and not what the government (or power elite) tell you. Follow your health. Use your brain. “Ball up”.

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