Inhumane Shorts: HR Stories Forgotten

The other day I was speaking with a former co-worker about our positive HR memories. I remembered fondly of having a benefits coordinator that was almost a mind reader and seemed to be the “go to” person. I also was happy to remember a staff member, (admin assistant), that often funtioned as a go between for the corporate HR. The admin assistant was generous. She allowed me to not waste time driving back and forth to the corporate office. She was a a minute or two down the road from me. Her respect for others made it worthwhile. In the spirit of Thanksgiving; I owe a thank you to both of them.

Now; that I have gotten the “positives” out of the way, I had a  short Inhumane Resources story to share.

This one almost slipped past me; considering I have had happier times since then. When I was underemployed; I had put in to work at a aluminum process facility. (This facility has a dingy history of labor relations and the business has changed hands quite a few times in my life span. It has a weird reputation among my co-workers and former co-workers).

I had put in for a position there. I knew a few people that worked there and also a few folks that used to work there. The new company had invested a decent amount of money in new equipment and buildings/grounds. I had reason to believe that this would be a decent place to work.

I hadn’t heard anything from the company besides a confirmation email that I had actually applied for the position. Many large multinational companies invest in these and dont spend money on simple communications efforts. I occasionally check my email and phone messages.

I usually get a notification of voicemails. I check them when I get a notification. I got a notification to call a representative of the local plant in regards to my application. I called the following day. No one answered the phone. I changed the extention and called back. Couldnt get in touch with someone.

I called back the next day. Yes, I didnt wait to receive a call back. This time I finally reach the person who left a message. This HR person had mentioned that they had been in meetings all day long. The HR contact was also very nasty, complaining that I was too late and that the job had already been filled. I was also hung up on.

I guessed that I was just carrying on this jobsites long and storied history of disappointment.

I don’t hate HR personnel, but I don’t think that many HR employees understand that they represent a company. You compete for talent and labor. I am puzzled that companies don’t understand this. Former employees and people in the community have influence over the talent pool’s ideas. Don’t let HR make you look bad.



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