Piggy Backed Article: Burning Your Best Work

I was rifling through my email for delivered blog postings. I enjoy reading what other men are doing or even their slant at yesterday’s current events happenings. Today was a welcomed surprise when I read Ryan from Path to Manliness’ piece titled Sometimes You Have to Burn Your Best Work.

Ryan’s piece hit home. He had mentioned that he created work that he could not use. He created work that might have been the wrong type of work to be used in a certain media. But the thing that stuck with me was his mention that “this writing’s only purpose is to get these heavy thoughts off my chest, and immediately afterwards to be turned to ash”. I, Matt FreeMatt, remembered my own ash creation more than six months ago.

It was an idea that I was working on for some family members. It was going to be an audiobook of sorts, using my vocal talents to explain the insanity I see during my commute to and fro in North Alabama. I had always felt inspired to tell others about the stupidity of our road system in the most humorous way possible. (It would have been even better if folks could listen to it while driving). I had done a large portion of this project already. I was editing the tracks and “charting it out” on paper. But I lost the tracks and the paper.

I searched around for it. I don’t have a clue where the stuff went. It disappeared like a fart in the wind. I had been jawing about it to a friend. He was going to lend him driving skills and vehicle to do the live portion of the recording. He was psyched about it too. After searching around for it for quite a while; I scrubbed all the remnants of the project clean. It wasn’t worth crying over. I needed to get back on the ball with the things that mean something. It was sort of cathartic to complain about the quick decaying traffic conditions but it isn’t a long-term activity. My friend and I started focusing on stuff that was worthwhile.

Ryan followed up his piece with a jarring reminder that “sometimes, you have to bleed a little to find out what you’re made of”. I feel that sometimes that you need to lose your first 500 pages of your epic tome. The best work, the work that you are supposed to make, will be the final product. You have to find out what you are made of. I think I am better than the road project. My best work is yet to come.

Special thanks to Ryan from Path to Manliness and thanks to our friends at AION Media.

Find Ryan at https://www.pathtomanliness.com      https://twitter.com/PathToManliness/status/1200242363446235136?s=20


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  1. Great read Matt! Glad my email resonated with you.


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