Some Men Like MILFs While Some Women Like Wedding Stuff

I had been perusing the wasteland known as my giveaway email account. It doesnt matter what kind of giveaway. Ive entered household goods giveaways, gaming giveaways, financial blog giveaways, etc. I get an exorbitant amount of email as a result.

Some of it is somewhat interesting. One of my favorites has to be The Riveter Newsletter. Yes,  I notice that I have anything to do with women in the workplace. Mostly due to the fact that I have to travel down the road to link up with anyone in our company that has ovaries. This newsletter is somewhat interesting, it helps me get a look at “women in the workplace” stereotypes. The latest newsletter had an article that “peaked” my interest.

In this article; this lady mentioned various things that she was terrified to tell her daughter. One of these things that made me cringe was “until you are eighteen, I will assume every man we pass on a park bench is a predator”. Being a female oriented newsletter/conglomerate/organization, I was interested in other things this lady was wrapped up in.

She owned a company that sold (in my words) bohemian styled wedding dresses and rings. I perused other articles where she talked about her inspirations behind her work. I see some of the people that she was connected to or that wore some of her pieces. Some of these people struck me as “chick lit” types or connected to female centered shows, (not going to name one of these shows but its relatively feminist inspired stuff). Not exactly chocked full of strong male characters to set a good example for male viewers.

I was suprised to see her sing so passionately about weddings. Even putting out a wedding guide book. But I feel like my slight derision (misandrist much?) was justified when I heard her speak of her exhusband living in a trailer near her place and that she more or less didnt want people to see him. I felt like many parts of her interviews had a anti male slant to them, (ranging from her daughters predator warning, to exhusband mentions, etc). I came to a weird conclusion; I think many women have a fetish for weddings and wedding stuff.

It isn’t the wife element. It isn’t the “equals” part. It is the first part, the wedding. A discount princess for a day. It is huge amounts of attention from all sorts of people in your lives. Its bragging rights among other ladies, a female version of a “dick measuring contest”. It is the first part without any regards to the long game.

People make fun of some men for having a fetish for Lisa Ann/Sarah Palin level MILFs. An ideal that men would have fun with over sexed/sexually mature women with no work from the first twenty years (or even the last 30 years) of someone’s life. But Im starting to believe that this fetish is a fetish like the one that I had mentioned for ladies.

The difference is that people can admit that MILFs are a fetish and many women (like the anonymous author) stay in denial.

Its up to you to make the discernment.


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