Let Us Not Do “The Repeater”

When I was sitting with an old friend the other day; I found myself cracking a joke repeating a line from the first Super Troopers movie; the scene when Officers Foster and Womack discussed playing games while on patrol. During this scene; they brought up the issues of “playing The Repeater”. Of course, without spoiling it, doing The Repeater falls apart. In real life it often falls apart for everyone else. (Hat tip to Ryan at Path to Manliness).

I have to resist the urge to re-word everyone else’s sentiments, to engage in the flavor of the week disease. Lately; it had been porn, whether it was the anti-porn position or people defending their usage of it. It became the easy way out of writing an article or putting together a video. (Yes; I noticed it was “No-Nut” November. Get off of it). I saw a drop in the quality of material put out by people I follow and other people in the world. It was almost like it was a mandatory time out from creativity to be lazy from an intellectual standpoint.

We need to be making better content, not just echoing what others have said. I honestly believe that we won’t make it as independent creators if we copy the methods that have been used in a cycle of failure. (Ask Buzzfeed and a cornucopia of dimwit crap generators that have gone bankrupt then re-born just to make shittier material with a newer set of morons capable of creating said crap). We don’t win if we don’t make and do better. We stay shit when we make shit.

I had said this before. We easily have copy/pasted “game” advice and called it work. It reigns true for other subjects. Good advice is good but without new ideas, we grow stale. If we don’t make note what has changed or even statistical changes within the realms of “broscience”; we are failing. We are becoming a welcoming force for our own casualties. We don’t grow if we don’t learn. We have to adapt. Doing “the repeater” doesn’t get us there.


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2 Responses to Let Us Not Do “The Repeater”

  1. Yeah. What HE said. (Only cooler.)


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