Winners and Losers in the Marriage Marketplace

***Re-blog from Hommunism News. I’m not doing The Repeater. It is the weekend and I like to highlight other people’s work. Check out this piece about “winners and losers in the marriage marketplace”. Read, think, discuss.***

Hommunism News

(source) Only about half of all Americans are married now, down from more than 72 percent in the 1960s — and the declines continue. Worse, the share of Americans who have never married has been rising steadily in recent decades, as more adults are living with a series of partners instead of marrying. Not surprisingly the birthrates are at an all-time low.

In an attempt to understand why, most social scientists have blamed the changing norms surrounding marriage and motherhood. As more women earned college degrees, entered the workforce and delayed motherhood, marriage became less necessary for their economic survival.

Large deficits in the supply of potential male spouses

But, it seems that is may be more Darwinian than any of that. Arecent studypublished in theJournal of Marriage and Familyreveals that a closer look at the declines in marriage rates reveals “large…

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