Reverse ChristmaS: Gave Away a Few of My Favorite Things

Although I never call the Sound of Music a Christmas movie; I enjoyed the song My Favorite Things. Some of the things sound appealing. For some reason the other day I had been pondering some of the things that I have given away that I really liked.

(1) Plasma globe light:

I gave this away or loaned it to a friend in high school. He wrote me an IOU that said if he didnt return it that he would give me a testicle or his first born. He has had a rough life since then. I let him keep it and didnt ask for his kid/testicle.

(2) Homebrew equipment:

I had tried selling some of it. I used to be big on making mead. People loved drinking it but hated buying honey, ingredients. I loved making it but I don’t have the time. I received a phone call from my buddy in a nearby major city. He asked about making mead. We did a batch with his limited equipment. I gifted him with what I had left. Im proud to part with it.

(3) Ill fitting Tommy Hilfiger shirt:

I had lost a ton of weight and my shirt was two sizes too big. It was a wonderful shirt but it didnt fit. Irony was that I had a fellow student that the shirt fit better. (He happened to be pretty big). I asked him if he wanted it. He asked me how much. I just gave him the dang thing. He wore holes in that shirt.

(4) Odd coin collection:

Throughout my travels in the western hemisphere; I collected a ton of coins. I had one specific coin I had purchased in Chile. It was a Saorstát Éireann coin from Ireland. It was a bit old but historically interesting. I gave the entire collection to a younger family member. I don’t miss it but I hope it makes it way around to other people.

(5) Red emergency response brain bucket:

Technically I didnt own it but I gave it back. I was proud to have it when I served on the ERT. I held on to it as I thought I would be getting back in. I ended up getting fired but it hurt that I couldnt hang onto it. If someone could get used to it…

Anyway folks, I had a good time leaving things behind in the long run. Some of my favorite things are things that left my life.



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