Miami Vice Wannabes and Libertarian A**holes

Most people that get to know me, know my attitude about drugs. I dont like them but I think that most drug crimes are victimless crimes.

(Burglary is still burglary. Murder is murder. Vandalism is vandalism, no matter why you are doing the crimes).

But many of you dont know how a guy from a conservative background, who joined the military became a “libertarian asshole”. It started when my ship got deployed on Counter Drug Operations. Hunting smugglers on speedboats and submersibles.

I hated it. I honestly started to think that parents and communities did more than I ever could. I thought that personal accountability and agency meant something. I also had something else happen. Notably a Coast Guard LEO heard me talk about legalization, funny he told a US Navy sailor (on my ship) to shut up. I found the whole experience stupid, just like when we returned to port with supposedly 7 tons of cocaine.

The numbers counted differed from the Coast Guard numbers. The CG numbers were different from what the media got. Who knows what the DEA put back on the streets?

The irony is that I was on watch on the flight deck when the regional director of the DEA showed up with a wife beater, running shorts, flipflops, aviator sunglasses, and a gold chain. He walked by me without saying a word. I knew it was his cocaine now. (It was also cool to see two guys w/ M4’s laying on the top of empty tractor trailers drive up).

The guy on watch with me asked if I was asking the guy for ID. I said no, because its his cocaine.

I felt that the whole experience was a shitshow. Outside of a snowflake decal for our ship; we didnt get shit for our success. My actual (missile, navigation, warfare) skills got sloppy. I got closer and closer to my discharge. I didnt see myself milking this for E6 for another two years. It wasn’t worth fighting my beliefs.

I am the asshole that thinks that you should be better parents and neighbors. You should put down the Ipads/Iphones and pay attention the world around you. You dont need laws to do what you should be doing.

(In the second video; my head makes a brief split second appearance on the left side of the video. Putting out fires like those were pretty wild. Cocaine got in the ventilation system and a handful of guys got skin problems from the “worlds largest freebase” experiment. Bizarre times.



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