Underestimating the Will Power of Others

An old news story “bit” me the other day. It was regarding the Thomas Ball’s suicide. It was something I had read about due to the coverage on independent outlets like FreeKeene.com. It was notable due to the way that Mr. Ball left this earth. He chose self-immolation. (His case in family courts and CPS was notable). People read about the results of actions like this and often screech “How can they do that”. I stop and tell you that you are underestimating the will power of others, (or at least underestimating how far a person will go when faced with adversity).

You can not fathom what a person would do when faced with the challenges like that. I have always had heard from people that I should have faith in the courts or even worse that a governmental body has a natural drive to do what is right for its constituents. But I ask you, for when the government actually fails you, what would you do? I do not know what I would do. I can not quantify where a person’s breaking point is. I do not know the difference between “taking it” and having “nothing to lose”.

I don’t know the will power of other people. I don’t know how far “you” could go. I also can’t imagine what it would take for you to “win” in the long run. I have no clue what the breaking point is.

I think we have become so unaware of other people. (Hell, we have little to no ability to empathize with others). We don’t have the ability. The vast majority of us don’t care, either. It becomes an ugly cycle that we overlook those that struggle among us.

Then we are faced with people like the events that Thomas Ball was, (people that are stuck in impossible situations). When things boil over, people among us cry out:

How could they do that? Why did they do that?

Then the cycle repeats itself anew. Underestimating the will power, abilities, or drive of others.



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