Stop Selling for One Day

Most of my postings have some inspiration or purpose behind them. I often can gleam some lesson from a historical happening or a media worthy event. It makes it easy. But digging around; I noticed that this day in history didn’t appeal to me. Outside of a watered-down recap of yesterday’s horrific news; I saw nothing. But for some reason I was thinking that I should take off a day from selling you what I always do. Here’s to the idea of “stop selling for one day”!

I didn’t feel like trying to bs one of my bosses today. I didn’t puff up or lie when I ran into him. I turned in some decals that didn’t make any sense to me. I admitted that my memory will probably stop at remembering license plate numbers. He knows that I am the weird guy that listens to heavy metal and sports a slightly damaged ring finger. I do my best. I don’t do the greatest job at selling “me”. (I had mentioned this when I talked about picking up water for my co-workers, which is one of the lowest jobs you can do at my workplace).

Being the coolest and “most smart” guy was one of my biggest goals when I was much younger. I grew a head of hair much like what other guys had. I made a feeble attempt at dressing within the boundaries of what “cool” could have been. To be brief about it; I failed. I failed because I was trying to sell people on an idea. I should have just been cool instead of acting cool. I should have just yelled “screw it” and did what I wanted to. I imagine plenty of people had poor opinions on my appearance of being a sellout.

I know of plenty of people that not only sell things (insurance, cars, etc.) for money. But these people don’t know that they try to sell themselves to other people. Often lying to others. Giving appearances and surface dressings.

I did desire to do the same but there was a point where I grew up. I stopped lying to the man in the mirror. Today is the day that I quit selling. I sure as hell you stopped buying for the day.



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